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How it Works

DataSprocket is your web and mobile application for creating and managing databases (or, simply put, information). Build. Collaborate. Innovate. And, when you are ready for the world to know who you are, share this data with your websites and applications…

Set Up Your Database

DataSprocket will walk you through installing and configuring your database for your project

Import/Input Your Data

Upload a CSV file or manually input your data into your new database tables

Install a Free Connector

DataSprocket provides copy-and-pasteable code and/or plugins you can install into your website or application within minutes

Share Your Data

With just a few clicks, enable access to your data from your website or application

DataSprocket is Flexible

DataSprocket is the perfect solution for all kinds of data. Here is a small sample of the kinds of data that DataSprocket loves:
  • Application settings/preferences
  • Rosters/membership directories
  • Event/course registration systems
  • Donor databases
  • Inventories/catalogs/libraries
  • Product spec sheets
  • Client management/CRM data
  • Media databases/discographies
  • Survey/test/questionnaire data
  • Support documents
  • Sales data/financial records
  • Searchable form/document archives
  • Scientific record keeping
  • Athletic scores/stats
  • Restaurant menus
  • Medical/health records

Why DataSprocket?

For End Users

  • Unlike an Access database or an Excel spreadsheet, DataSprocket is a next generation database. It’s built for the web with sharing at the core of its design, it's scalable, it's accessible from beginners to power users, it's mobile friendly, it’s secure, and it's fully customizable for your business.
  • Reduce your costs in bootstrapping your new business. Building a homemade administrative data management tool tailored to a project or business can easily cost upwards of $2000 USD.
  • Make use of our “sprockets”, which are add-ons that will enhance and customize DataSprocket's functionality, custom tools tailored to your project or business, and gorgeous ways of displaying your information to the public.

For Developers

  • Submit more competitive project bids.
  • Say goodbye to having to write the same administrative control panels for managing data over and over again. Provide your customers with a professional looking and easy-to-use data management platform.
  • Help craft beautiful visual layouts for your customers containing info they can manage without having to worry about them possibly breaking things.
  • Consolidate the data backends for your web and mobile applications.
  • Future-proof your applications by placing them in a powerful environment where you can scale your websites and/or web/mobile applications in a new, highly flexible manner.


The following is a sample of some of our popular connectors. Connectors allow your website or application to communicate with DataSprocket, and consist of copy-and-pasteable code samples, installable code, and/or plugins for various platforms. Further information, tutorials, and other connector downloads can be found within the "docs" section.



Copy-and-pasteable code for all hosting environments, platforms, and browsers


For all WordPress sites/versions, excluding sites hosted on


Compatible with all versions and devices supported by PhoneGap


Supports data encryption and local database caching


(Prices are in US dollars)

Pricing Plans

One Project
1 project, 1 user
Try DataSprocket, and/or use DataSprocket with a single project
Three Project
3 projects, 5 users
Also available for $264/year
Ten Project
10 projects, 15 users
Also available for $770/year
Unlimited projects and users
Also available for $2200/year


Sprockets consist of plugins that provide additional DataSprocket features, visual templates for your websites or applications, pre-made databases, or personal customizations for your projects or business. Sprockets (that aren't free of charge) can be purchased from within your DataSprocket account…

Personalized Company Branding$200
Tailor DataSprocket to suit your company's image
Display Table GeneratorFree!
Creates display tables for your websites and web applications
Custom Views/ReportsPricing is variable
Summarized information at a glance, tailored for your data
Dedicated DataSprocket Server (VPS)Pricing is variable
Cutting-edge dedicated Amazon EC2 VPSes running DataSprocket for your high traffic websites/applications
Other CustomizationsPricing is variable
See how DataSprocket can be customized for your business

Interested in reselling DataSprocket to your customers?

We are happy to pay you for your DataSprocket customer referrals, and to provide your customers with special discounts. Please contact us for more information.


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