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This user agreement is for DataSprocket Beta ONLY (this is required reading):

Quite simply, DataSprocket and its management/employees/developers are not responsible for any data loss or integrity issues, assuring safety or security of data, or absolutely any other facet relating to the safe-keeping of any data or information imported/inputted/incorporated/stored in DataSprocket Beta. DataSprocket Beta is designed to be used with information intended to be made widely and freely available, and not with sensitive information that would cause damage of some sort if seen by unintended entities (including DataSprocket staff).

The single protection offered by DataSprocket Beta is control over what information is retrievable through special DataSprocket URLs used by DataSprocket "connectors", which are plugins for your website (similar to the plugins provided by Facebook and Twitter for integrating your website with their social networks). Connector access is disabled by default. In addition to the option of disabling all access entirely, this control also allows you to specify which domains and/or IP addresses may access your content in DataSprocket. This provides a significant deterrent against others downloading your website content through DataSprocket Beta rather than through your website (where your content can be protected by copyright laws), but this is absolutely insufficient for protecting any sort of sensitive information such as credit card information, Social Security numbers, etc.

Therefore, if you need to work with sensitive information, we strongly suggest that you do not use DataSprocket Beta for this purpose, and as such, DataSprocket and its management/employees/developers will not be held responsible for any sort of damages caused by the exposure of your data.

Moreover, DataSprocket is in its beta stages. While your data will probably be accessible and the application will work as expected, it is also never a good idea to incorporate sensitive information of any kind with any sort of software beta release from any company, so don't! Being a beta release, there will likely be bugs, so there are also no guarantees that your data won't somehow be altered in some unintended fashion.

Therefore, it is absolutely not advisible to use DataSprocket Beta with any public websites (although, of course, the DataSprocket release version will be suitable for these purposes).

By accepting this beta user agreement, you agree that you have read these terms in their entirety, and also agree that in absolutely no way may DataSprocket management/employees/developers be held responsible for any sort of damages caused by using DataSprocket Beta.

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